Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Awaiting a Response from the USCIS

I have been quiet lately, I know. It doesn't mean that I have abandoned my geneology work. Actually, I decided to slow down a bit as I await a response from the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services. I have submitted two forms for both my grandfather, Carmelo Orlando, and my grandma Antoinette Picione, to see if they have any documentation regarding their naturalization. Once I have the verdict on their naturalization, or whether or not grandpa was naturalized, then I can proceed with my paperwork to become an Italian citizen. Or not. That is the big question.

Because I put my heart and soul into this research, I need to step back every so often and regain my balance. Sometimes it feels like if I try hard enough to dig up information about my nonno Carmelo, I will actually find him and meet him. And then I remember he has passed and that is impossible right now. At least in this world.

So, I submitted these two forms and paid $40 to find out if USCIS has any documentation on my nonni. Once we know what they have, then I will have to submit another form to obtain the specific documents, if they have them. It's a slow process. That's why I am not gathering anymore supporting documents here in the US until USCIS responds.

Meanwhile, no word from the Orlando family in Curinga. I want to send them an email to check in, but I don't want to be pushy. Maybe I just need to go through the official channels to seek the documentation from the town of Curinga. In the case of my grandfather's documents, I am interested in obtaining the documents regardless of my citizenship destiny. I just want to know him. Understand the circumstances of his life, the town he was born in, the family members who raised him.

This is the form I used to conduct the search. It's called a Geneology Index Search Request.

If you are wondering about that media player up there, I installed it to play a song that my Uncle Bruno recorded. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the song to play. Still working on it...

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