Tuesday, February 17, 2009

News! Notizie!

"News!", read the email I received today from Curinga, Italy.

What would the news be? That quickly? E. had just emailed me last week saying that she had been to the town hall in Curinga, and she expected that the process for researching my grandfather would be rather slow since there was only one clerk on staff to do the research.

My heart rate quickened and I opened the letter. It read,

"I have been successful in finding the first piece of news about the Orlando family. The real name of your grandfather, Carmelo Orlando, is Elia Carmelo Orlando, born July 13th, 1888 in Curinga, Catanzaro. Carmelo's father's name was Bruno Orlando (born around 1850), and Bruno was married to Lucia Gigantino, the mother of your grandfather."

E. proceeded to tell me that she found information about the great grandfather of her father. He was called Guiseppe Orlando, and he was born on November 8th, 1884. She suspects that since the dates of birth of Guiseppe and Carmelo are close, she thinks that perhaps Carmelo and Guiseppe were cousins.

"The research is not over. It continues. This is just some small news that I share with you! "

I sensed the excitement in the tone of her letter. Perhaps E. too would end up with the geneology bug. That itching desire to uncover the history of our past, our present, and the connection we have to other souls who have moved on to another dimension where they wait for us to come home.

E. concluded her letter by saying that she would let me know more in about a week or 10 days, as soon as the clerk has done more research.

* * * *

"Bruno e Lucia, Mi presento. Sono Jennifer, vostra pronipote femenina. Ho viaggiato molto lotano per conoscerli. Molto piacere."

"Bruno and Lucy, I introduce myself. My name is Jennifer, and I am your great granddaughter. I have traveled a long distance to meet you. It is such a pleasure to finally know you."

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